This is the part of the construction phase that is most exiting for the home owner. All the drywall is up, tape embedded, when all the spaces finally take shape. It’s time to make a decision on the texture that will go on your walls.

The choices of texture are literarily endless. But you must make a careful decision because once a texture is installed, scraping and retexturing can be very expensive.

Here are five of the most popular wall textures selected by my clients in order from least to more expensive.

Orange Peel is sprayed directly to the drywall, and you guessed it, it looks like the skin of an orange. It looks good and it’s one of the easiest and less expensive textures to apply.

Splatter Drag is applied just like Orange Peel, but you then lightly drag the throw over the surface knocking down the ridges. A little more costly but it’s a great texture for different colors and the ridges and valleys create shade and contrast to accentuate your paint selection.

The Sponge is achieved by applying the mud with a sponge and pulling it straight out. Much more labor intensive, and a bit more cost and the other two. This texture creates a very intricate pattern with lots of details that are non-repeating for a unique look.

Skip Trowel is perfect for an aged look or fresco feel. It hides scratches and imperfections very well. To create this texture the mud is applied by hand with a throw that is pulled, usually in the same direction. A bit more costly that the textures above due to the added labor and material.

Smooth is the choice for a modern or contemporary look. There are five levels with number 5 being the smoother with no flaws, but be prepared to pay a premium for it. This texture doesn’t stand up well to daily wear and tear, especially with children in the home.

The 5 most popular wall textures