5 tips to save money in your next bath remodel

Starting any type of remodel is always exiting, especially a bathroom that can turn from utilitarian to an oasis. Any type of remodel must start with a plan and a budget. Planning on what to do, or more important, what not to do when remodeling your bathroom will save you thousands. Here are some simple tips that can result in major savings

1. Don’t change the location of your fixtures such as toilet, shower or sink.

When planning your new oasis, it’s easy to dream of a new layout but moving plumbing and mechanical installations will quickly add to thousands of dollars that can be spent on finishes, not to mention the added time to do the work. Work hard to keep you layout as much as possible and focus on the finishes. For example, leave the tub where it is, but replace it with a jetted tub for a back rubbing massage when you come exhausted from work.

2. Retouch before you toss.

It’s easy to get into de demolition mindset and want to toss everything out. But a budget can be saved you some elements are retouched instead of replaced. For example, painting or refacing vanities and bathroom cabinets can make them look new for a fraction of the cost.

3. Be careful of costly materials.

The same look can be accomplished using less expensive materials if you keep an open mind and don’t fall in love with specific item. For example, quartz can cost several hundred dollars, perhaps a thousand dollars less that granite, and still create an exceptional looking kitchen. Add a few colorful, high-end tile squares as a backsplash. You’ll love the design and enjoy the savings.

4. Use natural light as much as possible.

The best light comes from south facing windows. Add or replace operable windows to let the sun and breeze inside. If it’s not your case, consider installing a solar tube. New technology is bringing this old fixture with new design elements, and you’ll love the energy saving from not having to turn on the lights during the day.

5. Don’t forget the lights.

A great bathroom must consider several light setting depending on the time of day and the mood. From getting ready quickly in the morning to waking up in the middle of the night, you don’t want to have only one type of illumination. Consider can lights for general illumination, recessed lights tucked into the ceiling to create a more relaxed mood and pendants or task lights on top of your vanity for the morning rush. Consider adding a dimmer to all lights, specially recessed and can light. You don’t want full power in the middle of the night.